Hi Friends! Thank you for considering my work for wholesale.

Currently, I make all my pottery by hand. This means all pieces will vary in size and shape. This may be even more so the case if items are made in different batches or if you order similar styles in different clay bodies.

Because things are made by hand, it means you are choosing to have quality goods made slowly. The lead time for products can vacillate between 2-3 months depending on demand and quantities. Sometimes even longer if things get backed up!

You may ask, do I have any help? I currently do not! Everything is done by myself! Front end and back end. What this means is I might not respond right away, so please do not be discouraged from reaching out again. I am usually working on the wheel, so I do not check the e-mails or inter-webs often.

As far as pottery goes, I do not currently plan on getting larger than what I am right. now. I plan to stay a small potter making as efficiently as I can. What this means is while I will have a minimum to orders, I also have a maximum on orders. This will help ensure that I can fulfill all my orders. I will also have strict deadlines. If you miss them, then you cannot order until the next deadline. In between seasons, you may request if I have any available inventory.

My minimum is 4 per style per color way with a minimum of $250 per order. Maximum is 45 pieces per order per shop.

Deadlines are as follows:

Orders must be submitted by March 15th for a June/July delivery and August 1st for an October/November delivery. Please keep in mind this means holiday must be submitted by August 1st. You can request ship windows! Core and Collection linesheets are currently up and posted!

I have two linesheets:

Core + Seasonal, Core is production I always make. Seasonal is only offered spring/summer or fall/winter.

Collection, which is non-production and will only be available at select stores.

While I would love to work with every one of you, I simply cannot take on too many accounts. Please feel free to inquire and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am currently looking for someone to carry Collection and to only add a handful of accounts for 2019.

Please reach out to me at